Volunteer Opportunities

How You Can Help Abused Children

  • Learn about Kids First and get the word out about this incredible resource in our community!
  • Let groups or churches know we are available to speak at their meetings or other events.
  • Recruit a group you’re involved with to do a fundraiser to benefit abused children. Because we have such a limited number of staff members, this is perhaps what we need the most. We rely on fundraisers for both financial support and awareness.
  • Serve on a committee of the Board of Directors for a specific project. We are currently recruiting volunteers to serve on our Fundraising Committee to plan a 5K race, Mac & Cheese Cook-Off, and more!
  • Do you have a special skill to share? Give us ideas as to how you can help…there are bound to be a “zillion” ways that we have not thought of!

Interested in Volunteering?

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