What We Do

The majority of children we see (up to 250 a year) have been sexually abused. Sexual abuse is an epidemic in our society, affecting 1 in 11 children before the age of 18. Without intervention, most of these children grow up thinking they were somehow responsible for the abuse they endured. Many turn to alcohol or drugs for self-medication to help with the anguish; others suffer from various mental health problems that may limit their ability to function; others wind up in the prison system; many simply continue to suffer in silence, unable to trust others (or even their own judgment).

Most abused children (over 80%) do not tell what happened to them until well into adulthood, if ever. For those children who do tell, it is vital that they be met with the least traumatic investigative process, followed by proven-effective therapeutic intervention. It is also vitally important that their non-offending caregivers be supported comprehensively. All of this – and much more – is offered here, in a family-friendly atmosphere of caring.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to provide Help, Healing, and Hope to children in northeastern North Carolina who have been sexually or physically abused or neglected. Our comprehensive services address multiple aspects of a family’s need when they come through our door.