Forensic Interviews

Child-friendly, Legally Defensible Fact-finding Interviews

Forensic interviews are one of the many ways that children’s interests are put first at Child Advocacy Centers. Instead of having to be interviewed by various representatives from several different agencies (such as law enforcement, child protective services, etc.), the agencies needing information watch the interview by way of closed circuit interview equipment. This enables the child to tell his or her story to one person without having to repeat over and over again the possible trauma they have experienced.

Fact finding interviews at a Child Advocacy Center are conducted by specially trained professionals. These interviews are non-leading and are legally defensible. When an interviewer questions the child, there is no assumption as to whether or not abuse has occurred. The whole purpose of the interview is fact-finding. That’s why it is so important that our interviewers are professionally trained. Forensic interviewers at Kids First receive ongoing training and peer review.

When a child is referred to Kids First, there is usually a request for a forensic interview. An exception would be when a child has already been interviewed at another CAC out of the area or is being referred for therapy only.