About Us

Our staff has decades of experience in working with kids who have suffered from abuse. At Kids First, children can tell their story one time, to caring staff who will believe and support them and guide them towards the help they need.

Our Center Provides

  • On-site medical and forensic evaluation of child abuse and neglect in a child-friendly environment that is much less frightening to the victim than a police station or emergency room.
  • Therapy for abused children to help them regain confidence and strength, on the road to begin healing.
  • Advocacy and support services to child victims and their families to help them navigate “the system”.

Kids First was founded as a grassroots movement in 1991 as Parents Against Child Abuse. It was later incorporated as Northeastern Children’s Cooperative and was finally renamed Kids First, Inc. in 1993.

Kids First was one of the first certified (now accredited) Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) in the state of North Carolina. Accredited CACs must meet standards established by the National Children’s Alliance in order to obtain this status. These are highlighted in the standards section of our webpage.