Child Medical Evaluations

On-Site Medical Evaluations in a Child-Friendly Environment

Kids First provides all children who are suspected victims of child sexual abuse, and physical abuse are authorized to receive a specialized medical evaluation, called a forensic medical exam.  Children are evaluated in a child-friendly setting, where the focus is on comfort for the child and specialized child abuse evaluation by specialists in the field.

Our providers have received specialized training in working with victims of abuse. Our child-friendly examination room can alleviate many of the fears over going to the hospital or doctor’s office. Also, children can be assured that there are NO SHOTS at Kids First! Children may have a support person in the room during the exam if they desire to lessen the stress and anxiety the child may be feeling about the exam.

The forensic medical exam is a non-invasive, but comprehensive medical exam, conducted by our Certified Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, who has specialized training in the medical evaluation of abuse in children. The most important element of medical exams is reassurance to the child that he or she is not “damaged.” The providers do a “teeth to toes” evaluation and are often able to detect medical needs that were being missed. The exam also provides an opportunity to educate caregivers on basic medical care and offer resources for future needs.