Multidisciplinary Team

The Core of Child Advocacy

Bringing people together who work in very different fields of service is never an easy task…unless they are bound by a single purpose. That is the key to the multi-disciplinary team. Every agency represented at the table is motivated by the mission of putting the child first. Even so, every agency involved has very different policies they have to go by and things they simply have to do for their own agencies. That’s why it is so important that we have a set of protocols that were developed by the team to address the needs of the child while at the same time covering the requirements of each agency.

The number one benefit of the team: keeping the child as the central focus. That means we keep check in on each case on a monthly basis (or more often if needed) in order to make sure that services are being given as needed and that nothing is being missed that the child needs. Rather than working independently, the multi-disciplinary team approach allows (in fact, demands) that we work interdependently for the interest of the child victim.