Therapy Services

Kids First Provides Evidence-Based Treatment for Victims of Trauma

Therapy is provided on-site at Kids First by licensed professionals who have many years’ experience in child abuse treatment.

Our therapists at Kids First have been providing evidence-based (proven effective) treatment for traumatized victims for as many years as it has been available. In fact, our agency was the first in the area to provide this treatment and was instrumental in seeing to it that the training was made available to other professionals in northeastern North Carolina.

In keeping with our commitment to excellence in service, Kids First consistently provides all staff members with nearly twice the amount of required annual training. This keeps us on the leading edge in providing the very highest quality services available, at no cost to the clients’ families.

In addition to pre- and post-testing as evidence of the difference therapy makes, there is also the unmistakable difference in childrens’ “before and after treatment” demeanors. A child who enters the center displaying expressions of depression, fear, and/or solemnity most often leaves having regained the natural childlike expressions of joy, hope, and lightheartedness. These children also gain through therapy the knowledge that seeking help is a very positive action.

Are you interested in therapy services for your child? Please call us at (252)338-5658. Therapy services are offered at no cost to the family, and may be requested at any time (even if the abuse happened several years ago, or happened in another area).