Kids First Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention Center

Located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Kids First offers proven-effective evaluation and treatment services for children who have been abused or severely neglected. Our services are comprehensive, child-focused, evidence-based, and are provided at no charge to the families.
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Elizabeth City Cosmo Club Sponsors Children!

by Rhonda Morris — last modified Nov 16, 2009 02:25 PM

The Cosmopolitan Club has been on a shopping spree for three children who receive services at Kids First!! What a joy this will be for these children, all of whom came out of abusive homes, have been in therapy, and are doing SO well with their new families. The Club members collected $600.00, went out and spent $200 on each child, and are going to seek more sponsorships over the next week. I've even heard whispers that one member is planning on buying all three children a bicycle! From the perspective of Kids First, our hearts are about to burst with gratitude for these wonderful people who are giving so compassionately to children they will never personally get to see or know! Thank you SO much to all of you!

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